Flexomatic is an app that automatically lets you get more Blocks on Amazon Flex.

The app will quickly catch blocks based on your schedule for you, no need to tap or swipe anymore!

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flexomatic amazon flex more blocks catcher app

Grab more blocks, stop tapping and swiping, work safe!

A mobile app is available for Android, and we have an easy solution for iOS users

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Automatic block selection for Amazon Flex.
No wasted time anymore :)

Don't bother manually searching for your block. Let us do the job for you.

flexomatic amazon flex more blocks grabber app

Automatic search

Configure your work preferences, activate the search, get your block!
You don't need to catch any blocks by yourself. We do it for you.

International support

The Flexomatic app is supported in the United States, in Japan, Spain, Germany and in the United Kingdom. Grab more blocks around the world!

Spare your time

With the Flexomatic app, no need to manually search anymore. Your time is precious, stop losing it while waiting for work to come!

Earn more

Take advantage of Amazon Flex with our app. We let you dedicate yourself to what the most: deliver more to earn more.

It is safe

Create a unique Flexomatic account. No need to give your Amazon Flex credentials away! You will continue to get blocks with zero risk.

Feel secure

Being on the phone while driving is no good and we all know it! You can now stay focused on your driving, you will be notified when we grab some blocks for you.

They love the Flexomatic app!

Thanks to Flexomatic, I can grab some blocks while doing some housekeeping.
Ashley, Amazon Flex user
With Flexomatic, I can have a comfortable monthly income with ever more spare time!
Adrian, Amazon Flex user
Without having to tap on Refresh again and again, I really became able to spare my time to pursue my goals and dreams.
Mickael, Amazon Flex user

Stop tapping.
Start earning.

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