Flexomatic - Frequently Asked Questions

What is Flexomatic?

Flexomatic is an Android Application that helps catch blocks on Amazon Flex on your behalf.

How does Flexomatic work?

Flexomatic registers an accessibility service on your mobile phone that will click on the refresh button automatically, as a human being would. Further on, when a block matches the programmed settings on Flexomatic, the service will select the block for you and, if the selection succeeded, will trigger a sound alarm to warn you. As a result, you don't need to stick to your phone anymore waiting for the interesting block you want.

How can I use Flexomatic?

The app is already available for beta testing. Drop your email address on our beautiful landing page so we can give you the direct link to the Google Play Store and update you with awesome news.

Do I need to register?

Yes, you need to create an account with us to use Flexomatic. You will be able to register an account through the mobile app.

Do I need to pay something?

Yes, a very little fee per block to help us maintain Flexomatic. You can purchase 'credits' to grab blocks or even subscribe if you want unlimited credits!

Will I be deactivated by Amazon if I use Flexomatic?

No, you will not.

Amazon Flex only checks if you are running some unwanted application on your rooted device. Flexomatic uses genuine Android features and does not behave as a bot.

Worst-case scenario, Amazon will ask you to remove third-party apps, so you only get a warning (please let us know if it happens!).

What is the 'estimated arrival time' that I have to set on Flexomatic?

It is the time (in minutes) you consider spending from home to the warehouse. If you set 30 minutes, Flexomatic will only search blocks where starting hour is above now plus 30 minutes so you will have time going to the warehouse instead of grabing a block starting immediately. This is kind of a security so you make sure you won't be late for your Amazon Flex delivery.

In which countries is Flexomatic available?

Flexomatic works everywhere! Simply let us know if your warehouse is not listed in our app.

How can I contact you if I have any further question?

See the little widget at the bottom-right corner of the page? Click on it and either send an email or chat with us when we're available (we're nice and we don't bite, we promise!). We also regularly check support@flexomatic.app

You can also follow us on Twitter!

Who are you?

We are two passionate people already using Amazon Flex in order to get an extra income in our free time. We felt tired of tapping the refresh button, so we made Flexomatic!! Moreover Amazon communication said “Be your own boss, set your own schedule and have more time to pursue your goals and dreams.” Well, without having to manually refresh for nothing, we can say that you have even more time now!

We new friends!

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