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Catching blocks was painful... Well, not anymore!

We show you how to create your account and configure in 5 minutes.
After that, wait and see! We get you some deliveries to work on with Amazon Flex!

flexomatic login create acount

First, download the app on your Android device.

Once the you got Flexomatic installed, simply launch it.

You are now ready to Sign Up!

Insert your email, password, phone number and optional sponsorship code.

Confirm your subscription with the SMS you will be sent.

Remember: your Flexomatic account is not linked to your Amazon Flex Credentials. We will never ask nor your Amazon Flex credentials nor your Flexomatic ones.

More information in our FAQ.

Login to your account

Type down your credentials to sign in.

On your first login, a pop-up will guide you to the settings of your Android device, all you need to do is to activate the 'FlexomaticService'.

As a result, you should see the 'Service status' green and turned on in! :)

Your information is safe and won't be shared with any third-party.

flexomatic login create acount

flexomatic login create acount

Configure your schedule and other parameters

Welcome to Flexomatic!
We will soon be ready. Tell us when and how you want to work today.

First, insert your schedule parameters: i.e. the earliest and latest hour for the start of a delivery with Amazon Flex.

In 'Time to warehouse', inform us about your average travelling time to your Amazon warehouse.

What should be the duration of the blocks? Use the 'Minimum' and 'Maximum' worked hours. We will catch blocks only in this time frame.

Your profitability matters! We will grab blocks on Amazon Flex only according to your desired minimal hourly wage.

Select the type of blocks you would like to get.

Finally, activate the block search. The service is launched and we invite you to open Amazon Flex on the offers page.

Back to Amazon Flex, where the magic happens

You don't need to tap or swipe, just let your device in peace for a moment.

Wait for Flexomatic to catch more blocks for you, we are quick and reliable.

flexomatic login create acount

flexomatic login create acount

Amazon Flex, block confirmed!

You just got a block! We confirm the information with a pop-up.

You are good to go! Have a safe delivery and... come back! :)

Any more questions? Have a look at our FAQs.

Or simply get in touch with us on social media or via our chat.